Granny Smith Apples and Their Related Health Benefits

Fruits are indispensable parts of anyone’s diet. And therefore, when it comes to apples, the Granny Smith apples serve as extremely healthy choices. You can enjoy some really delicious dishes while maintaining your health. They have a certain tart flavor that makes them quite distinct and thereby, stands out of the crowd.

The truth is that you have loads of reasons to go for Granny Smith Apples over other kinds. Thereby, choose the best ones from the famous New Zealand Apple and pear importers. Did you know they are among the lower-sugar fruits? This serves to be another important reason to go for them. Roo’s Nature Fresh is one of their top exporters and so you can get quality Granny Smith Apples from them.


Now, let’s look at what benefits they provide to their consumers.

Basic nutritional information

They are just like any other fruit, relatively low in calories. A 5 ounce Granny Smith apple has approximately 70 calories and this easily makes them a great choice of calorie-controlled diet. Most of these calories are a result of the presence of carbohydrates in them.

The percentage of sugar in them is a great source of energy and thereby, the Granny Smith apples are an ideal choice for a healthy diet. However, when compared to other kinds of apples, they have a slightly lower percentage of carbohydrates. So, if you are someone who is following a moderately low-carbohydrate diet, then they are the ideal choice.


Contact the best apple exporters for the premium quality Granny Smith apples. Chances are you can get hold of another exquisite variety, the New Zealand Royal Gala apples.

Presence of phytonutrients

This kind of apple is rich in phytonutrients. This is an extremely beneficial plant compound and offers consumers a wide range of health benefits. There have been several studies that have shown that the Granny Smith apple contains phytonutrients that help in lowering the risk of cancer and serves the body in several other ways.


Like for instance, it has antioxidant functions that protect the cells from genetic mutations. So, these are some of the properties that make this kind of apple a must have. These kinds of apples not only satiate the hunger but also keeps the body safe from a series of health problems. Choose the most efficient exporters and get hold of the best quality apples.

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