Why You Should Eat Apples With the Peels On?

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Be it an apple or any other fruit, we are always adviced to eat with their peels on. Do you know why? It’s because the peels of fruits are highly nutritious than the rest of the fruit itself. And when it comes to apples, almost 75% of the benefits lie within their peels. Suppose the New Zealand apples, they are rich in antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber. But the great amount of nutrition is available in the peels itself.


Apples are considered as the fruit of temptation. These have been once featured in the religious stories and today has formed the centerpiece of many cultural dish, ranging from the French tarte Tatin to the Cypriot dish. Brandy poached apples (Firikia Glyko) and apple empanadas are one of the fine dishes prepared using apples.

High amount of dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals are present in apples. Hence when we take a bite it affects our teeth a lot. This make your teeth strong and rich with vitamins and minerals. But the question is – are we eating the apples in a right way? Doctors or the nutrition specialist always say, it is better to eat or cook apples along with the skin, so as to take advantage of the nutrients in the peel.


According to the survey, the skin of the apples as well as the white flesh hold a large group of natural, plant chemicals named apple polyphenols. But according to the doctor, these are mainly concentrated in the apple’s skin. It has also been estimated that about two and a half times of antioxidants including polyphenols are condensed in the apple skin.

Be it a New Zealand Royal Gala apple, a Red Delicious or any other New Zealand apple, all are rich with nutritious benefits. This is profoundly because of the apple polyphenols. The compound is a key reason to a majority of fruit’s health benefits.


Have you ever tried out the delicious Royal Gala Apples straight from the lands of New Zealand? If not, just take a bite of it. You will forget to take a bite of other apples. Moreover the juicy and crunchy texture of these apples will encourage you to have the fresh bite of them, instead of cooking or baking them in the form of apple pie or tarts. In fact, it is the healthiest way to eat this nutritious fruit.

Thus people who love to have whole apples as snacks receive more amount of polyhenols, as they intake both the skin and flesh.


Hence, it is a free advice for everyone, if you are having apples make sure you are not peeling the apple. Apple with peel in the recipe is more useful than apple without peels. There are many who do not love to eat the peels as they are hard to swallow. But yeah, if it is a New Zealand apple then must think twice before peeling the apple.

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