Why You Should Prefer a New Zealand Apple?

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From a basket full of local apples, New Zealand apples gain a special attraction. Do you know why? It is not because they appear attractive and captivating like diamonds. It is because they excel in quality, unlike other branded apples. If you ever have tasted a New Zealand apple you will never wish to taste anything else and damage your tastebuds. They are such beautiful fruits that automatically gets melted when kept inside the mouth.


Well, let us now come to the point. There are several reasons why you should prefer a New Zealand apple instead of the apples from the local market.

1. Assorted Range of Apples: New Zealand apples have variant ranges. Starting from Royal Gala Apples, followed by Red Delicious apples, Golden Delicious apples, Fuji apples and many more, all possess a captivating taste and nutritious benefits. You must get bored with the apples of the local market. But there is a surety you will never feel turn off while having the apples of New Zealand. They will never bore you. Instead, they will encourage you to take more bites. Don’t you love apples? Do you have a habit of skipping the fruit whenever you are suggested? Well, in that case, you should be ready to surprise others by your changed habit.


2. Perfection in Cultivation: There are multiple reasons behind the delicious taste and health benefits of New Zealand apples. And to some extent, the reasons are confined to the features of cultivation. Apples of New Zealand are grown with extra efforts and maintenance. They widely use No.8 Wire to prevent their crops from external damage. The soil on which the apple trees are earthed is rich with nutrients. They possess super fertilized soil that ensures to produce the most healthy fruits. Be it a New Zealand Royal Gala apple or a Fuji apple, the statement “an apple a day, keeps a doctor away” will be proved right. Furthermore, the farmers there prefer to pluck the harvested apples by hands instead of machines. Thus maintaining the quality of the apples as it is.

3. More Nutritious: Not just because of the fertile land, the abundant sunshine along with a good amount of rainfall is also responsible for the nutrition injected in the fruits. New Zealand apples are believed to be rich with antioxidants, dietary fiber, and flavonoids. They act as medicine for patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. They improve neurological health, prevent dementia, controls cholesterol, as well as help in weight loss.


4. Delicious Taste: Besides being a healthy food, they can easily be added to any diet as they are delicious in taste. Every apple no matter which category they belong to, adds its own flavor to the recipes prepared. Say, for example, if it is an apple salad made of Royal Gala apple, then it will be extremely sugary and sweet. You don’t need to add any further sugar in whatever you recipe prepare. Similarly, if it is a Fuji apple that you have included, your preparation will have a balanced sweet-tart flavor. So, it depends.

Don’t you think you have wasted bucks on tasteless apples? If you think so, then it is adviced not to waste more time and money on the local products. Confused, where to get New Zealand apples in the local market? Whoa, reach a New Zealand apple exporter and importer. Most of them are residing over the web. Place your order to get the authentic product at your doorstep.


You may order for a basket full of apples as New Zealand apples don’t bruise easily. However, the bruising and shriveling depend on apples to apples.

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